The Village of Rycroft

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  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Adoption of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. Council Organizational Meeting Minutes October 27, 2022
    2. Council Regular Meeting Minutes October 27, 2022
  4. Public Hearings
  5. Delegations
    1. STARS Foundation Glenda Farden, Sr. Municipal Relations Liaison RE: Funding Request
  6. CAO Report
    1. CAO Report   Action Items   Calendar   Public Works Report
  7. Councillor Reports
  8. Previous Business
  9. New Business
    1. Grant Applications
      1. Grant Application Rycroft Baseball Association
      2. Grant Application Rycroft Arena
      3. Grant Application Library Letter
      4. Grant Application Library Family History Group
      5. Grant Application Farmers Market
      6. Grant Application Friends of Rycroft School
      7. Grant Application Greenway Cemetary
    2. CP Fire and Rescue New Year’s Eve Event Sponsorship Package
    3. Saddle Hills County RE: AMWWP Grant Request
    4. RFD: Photo Radar System
    5. RFD: School Joint Use and Planning Agreement
    6. PREDA and NTAB 2023 Membership Invoices
  10. Correspondence Items
    1. CP Regional Water Study Collaboration Committee Terms of Reference
    2. Fox Creek Letter to Minister of Justice RE: Victim Services Redesign
    3. Minister of Municipal Affairs Introductory Letter for Chief Elected Officials
    4. Peace Country Enforcement Report September 2022
    5. ATCO Electric Projected 2023 Franchise Fee Update
    6. Central Peace Regional Water Supply Project Overview November 9, 2022
    7. Community Planning Association of Alberta Conference May 2023
  11. Closed Meeting
  12. Adjournment