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Wheels facing wrong               Too far back from road          Easy pick up from road


Common reasons why your garbage was NOT PICKED UP include:

  • Receptacle was placed too far back for truck to reach it
  • Wheels were facing the street instead of the property
  • Lid was not closed – overflowing with trash
  • Receptacle was placed too close to a parked vehicle or other object
  • Receptacle put out too late

Carts must be placed on the street by the curbside at the end of your driveway by 7:00 a.m. on pick up day.  The truck is only able to reach so far and when the driver drives on the shoulder of the road, it creates issues for us and the homeowner including rutting that leads to drainage issues.  Also, WHEELS MUST BE CURBSIDE – on the side closest to your house, not to the street.

See WASTE MANAGEMENT BYLAW 233-21.  If you have any questions, please call the Village office at 780 765 3652 for further clarification.


Recycling pick-up is scheduled for every other Monday in Rycroft.  Please check the Central Peace Signal Newspaper or the events calendar for dates.  All bags should be out by 7:00 a.m and placed approx. 6 feet from your garbage cart.  If the driver does not see your bag, it will not be picked up.

Be aware of what you are hoping to recycle.  The picture below helps with what is allowed and what isn’t.  If the driver sees any contaminated items in the bag, the whole bag will be left and must be put in the garbage.

Spirit River Lodge Facility Project Update

For more information on the project, go to the website at 



Are you or someone you know struggling to put food on the table?  There is no need to go hungry!  Central Peace Food Bank can provide assistance during this difficult time.  Contact them to set up a private drop-in time:

Via Phone:  780-512-9628     or     780-765-3321     or     780-876-2075

Via email:

Food Bank

Rycroft Library

The Rycroft Library is located at 4724 50 street.  For more information on the library hours and program offerings, call 780 765 3973 or email