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Rycroft is a friendly village with a relaxed and community minded atmosphere. With amenities and services for young and old alike and a positive, forward looking attitude, Rycroft is an inviting location to live, to visit, or to do business.

The main industry is agriculture, with retail, oil, transportation and education contributing to the economy.

With a population of 638 (2013), Rycroft serves a surrounding trading area of approximately 5,500.

Known as the "Hub of the Peace", the Village of Rycroft is located in Northern Alberta, Canada, 68km north of Grande Prairie and 8 km east of Spirit River.

The Village of Rycroft was established as a village in 1944.

It is known as the hub of the Peace and was originally situated for the Northern Alberta Railroad (also known as NAR).

The local campground, Nardam was given this name for that very reason. The small lake was man made as a source of water for the railroad and later on when NAR no longer required the water, it was turned into a campground.

A Caboose, located on 48th Street, is a permanent fixture from NAR (Edmonton) and holds a great deal of historical value considering our close ties with the railroad.

Recently, the "Race The Eight" Chuckwagon races have given Rycroft a new reason for popularity!